Creating the perfect fit for you to ride your distance, your speed, your way.


Bike Fit Wales can not only provide you with a trully bespoke bike fit. We can also help you with Bespoke Coaching, Blood Lactate testing and Pedal Efficiency analysis. Our services are not specific to cyclists and we have many runners and triathletes who using our services to improve their performance and exceed their goals.

Bike Fitting

A bespoke bike fitting service truly unique to you. Combining every aspect of your body, laser line bike set up and pedalling technique thus ensuring you get the very best comfort and efficiency out of your cycling.

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Bespoke Coaching

For years we've worked with people of all abilities - from beginners looking to complete their first 50km sportive through to those aspiring to achieve top age group placings at Ironman events.

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Blood Lactate and V02 Max testing

Your body is anything but generic so why expect your training zones to be. Blood lactate testing enables a truly accurate FTP to be obtained unique to your cardiovascular efficiency.

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Pedalling Efficiency

Using the latest in Wattbike technology we can analyse your pedal stroke to find your weakpoints and make live corrections for significant improvements in technique and power

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“If you don’t know where you’re at, you’ll never know where you need to be”


We know that not everyone is targeting a sub-12 hour Ironman. Through our totally bespoke packages, we'll provide a customised plan to help you achieve your goals

We help athletes of any discipline, who may just want to increase their mileage in a sustainable way, those with ambitions of completing their first sprint triathlon or those who want to complete the Marathon Des Sables like a previous client.

With almost 20 years experience, we'll work with you with, and create a plan that's suitable for you and your goals.



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We have 3 service levels to suit your individual requirements

Compare our unique attention to every aspect of your body, bike set up and technique. Your progress is our passion.

Bronze Package


  • Up to 3 hours
  • Flexibility and Mobility assessment
  • Laser line bike set up
  • Cleat position check and adjustment if needed
  • Detailed Wattbike pedalling efficiency analysis and tuition
  • Comprehensive written report
  • V02 Max Test #CardioCoach for only £50 extra (Total price £195.00)
Silver Package - MOST POPULAR


  • Up to 4 hours
  • All of the Bronze Package; Plus:
  • Full power profile analysis
  • Power and heart rate training zones
  • Blood lactate verified FTP(T) test.
  • V02 Max Test #CardioCoach for only £50 extra ( Total price £295.00)
Gold Package


  • Up to 5.5 hours including refreshment break
  • All of Bronze & Silver packages; Plus:
  • V02 Max Test #CardioCoach
  • Full cycling or triathlon specific strength, conditioning and performance analysis
  • Full training nutrition analysis and advanced electronic body composition / hydration scan
  • Top quality, custom Bike Fit Wales cycling jersey and bib shorts
  • 10% discount off either direct one to one or distance coached bespoke training packages

About Us

Bike Fit Wales

Established in 2011, Bike Fit Wales works with clients from all over the UK. Run exclusively by Simon Vincent who can relate his life long passion for cycling, fell running and extensive sports science studies to enable every endurance sports participant, regardless of ability, improve their achievements and enjoyment of our great sports.

The benefits that coaching, performance testing, correct bike set up and supplement free nutritional practices can bring to ones endurance sports participation should not be the sole preserve of the professional athletes.

What sets us aside from other test and coaching facilities is the fact that we assess performance across the full physiological spectrum as opposed to simply a ramp or max power test in isolation. After all cycling power is just one element of “total cycling performance” and on its own is as useless as a set of chocolate pedals.

State of the Art Equipment


A genuine wizard of the sporting world!

A genuine wizard of the sporting world! Took a bike I hated, done a Little Vincent magic And made it into a machine I want to ride! Not only a lovely guy but so informed and passionate about his job that you can’t help but be impressed with his brand. I’m completely new to cycling/triathlons and Simon made me feel no question was too stupid and was positive and enthusiastic about what I could go on to achieve with the right direction. Highly recommend. True saying: you get what you pay for! This Guru in the Garage is worth every penny!

Marie Coles, April 2018

Wish I'd found Bike Fit Wales sooner!

Wish I'd found Bike Fit Wales sooner! Simon really knows what he's talking about & puts a hell of a lot of effort into working out areas you need to work on to be truly the best athlete you can be. Looking forward to this season's events!

Natasha Barton, April 2018

... more than just a bike fit.

Just speaking to Simon for a few moments it was clear from the outset this was going to be more than just a bike fit. With Simon he’s not looking at just lovely peanuts of power, he’s looking at you now as a person, where you want to be and all those bits in-between to help you be a better cyclist. I don’t often write recommendations as i’m as cynical a person as anyone but as my rides are more comfortable, with better technique and a whole lot more, I’ve made an exception.

Mark Chappell, January 2018

Simons work has given me so much more confidence for longer rides

Spent an enjoyable and eye opening 3 hours with Simon a couple of months ago for a bike fit. Since then I've taken on my longest ride ever, 110km including the infamous tumble. Simons work has given me so much more confidence for longer rides. The stem adjustment especially has released any neck pain I used to have. Today I competed in the Cardiff triathlon, taking over 7mins off last years bike time, pushing hard throughout the cycle, and my legs were still fresh enough for a 10km run pb! I've still got loads of work to do with the extensive exercises Simon gave me to help with flexibility and strength to increase my power so I can get even faster! Thank you for your help, I'm now looking forward to the Velothon and not dreading the pain that comes with 140km on a bike!

Michael Igoe, June 2017

Wish I'd gone here straight from the bike shop!

If I had I would have saved myself 10 months of various pain. Neck pain was the worst, so bad the 1 time that I had to see a chiropractor after a 4hr ride. Can happily say now though that after a 5hr ride I'm absolutely fine. Also felt a lot better whilst out on the ride itself Next step is to read through VERY extensive report to see how to improve my weak areas to improve my cycling even more Nice 1 Simon. I'll see you again in the spring once I've got my new bike

David Richards, October 2017

Many years of cycling & more than a few shop fits...

After many years of cycling &, more than a few shop fits the I spent a good 3 hours with Simon working on each element of my flexibility and the bike set up to try and optimise everything. The result? A detailed and well-explained plan of action that I have no doubt will improve my flexibility. Oh and a bike that fits!

Jonathan Shergold, October 2017

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If you'd prefer to speak to us in person - please call BikeFitWales on 07572 714 157. We look forward to speaking with you!

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